Monday, 12 November 2012

"Hurricane Sandy Relief" (Freestyle) by Redman

Nat King Cole, unforgettable, even my Mama don't call me Reginald/
Fuck y'all up like a brownie edible, set it off like Kane the way I let it roll/
Breathe sativa, animals on the tap I'm the zookeeper/
Opposite of diva, my bullets hit the whole body, my nina just signed your prenupt/
Lmao so this song is kind of weird but it's sick. The title Hurricane Sandy Relief makes you kinda think its gonna be somethin real deep bout helpin people and shit but Redman decided to just jump in on this funny but cool beat and kill it with rhymes and punches. He does talk about the hurricane at points but most of it is just sick rapping. He actually kills it with the the flow in this. I listened to alot of Red & Meth in highschool and I knew Redman for a slower pace with rhymes that really pop out. But Dwamn he just takes it up a notch like it's nothing. Check it out.  

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