Friday, 30 November 2012

"Knock Ya Wig" by Krizz Kaliko

"Now looky looky looky here, look here shorty got back/
She got a hump but she's a jump off, she's skinny but fat/
I score if I can get my punt off and she'd run it back/
A real one, I'd eat her lunch off and say it's a snack"
I've loved the couple songs Kaliko has released from his ep N'eh Mind but this is the first one I'm really, really feelin and gets me bumpin. I could get down with some chick to this. But not without that all too awesome Strange flava. Me and Brenton have really been noticing some progression in Kaliko's confidence with the sick rapping. I'll always love his voice but he's really starting to spit crazy bars these days. I think the one line about how he's Tech's "sidekick" and doesn't swat at flies might be aimed at Jokerr too. This video was pretty cool too just havin tons of random characters being catered around by big Krizz while he drives through backgrounds that make no sense. I really like the effects in the chorus too which are much more reminiscent of the talk box sound Roger Troutman used to use as oppose to autotune. Roger Troutman is the guy who sang the chorus to California Love by 2Pac and Dr.Dre if you didn't know and wanted to understand the effect I mean.

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