Wednesday, 7 November 2012

"All We Know" by Rittz ft. Jihad

  "God hear me out I appreciate you, I don't wanna seem like I been ungrateful/
I'm lucky that I'm livin' I ain't been no angel, but ever since grade school shit has been painful/
I don't know my purpose or it's explanation, how am I to live up to your expectations, I'm addicted to meth, to say that I'm depressed is an understatement/
Estimation, need some medication or atleast some love, my boyfriends cheating and he beats me up/
Got a best friend but she strung out to, when I talk to her she says join the club/
And I don't wanna die but I'm losing my will to live, please God forgive, in th name of Jesus I pray Amen/
Then she hits the again chile again cuz that's all she knows/"

The poofy haired prodigy is back at it again. This song is probably one of the most meaningful on Rittz' White Jesus Revival album. He has great songs discussing his own personal issues but this song translates more to the world around him and the struggles of others as well. I was a little surprised about how the video unfolded but after watching a few times I saw there was more going on than I thought. If you pay attention the child in the video draws a picture he puts on his fridge. At the very end when the woman is being placed in the ambulance there is a scene of the child but then there is a scene of Rittz looking pretty depressed. Then you'll notice Rittz is looking at the same drawing the kid drew but it's all crumpled, wrinkled and folded as if it's very old now. Seconds later Rittz is nowhere to be found in the scene. I can't be positive but I believe the video might be a real representation of something Rittz went through as a kid. Great song and video, check it out.

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