Friday, 3 August 2012

"Illusions For The King" by The Jokerr

"Sing me another song, Cinderella's gone and she's not coming back so long let her go on, she's gone/
Bring me another day then send ME ALONG MY MERRY WAY, illusions for the king, don't work on me at all"

So our blog is entitled "our recommended choice of hip-hop" and this song doesn't exactly fit that description but I thought it was really sick. I wouldn't have posted it either if Jokerr wasn't such a hip-hop beast. If you like this at all and don't know him yet, and are a complete hip hop head check out the other songs we've posted by him cuz he's a lyrical mastermind and can chop like a lunatic. Such tracks as Ever Before, Bite Marks, and even a diss to Tech N9ne can be found on here by this guy. I thought this song was awesome, Jokerr's got some great singing talent. It may not be flawless but he has a great range of vocals. The song tells a creepy story and he pours a lot of emotion into certain lines. The video was awesome too, the quick time costume changes look bad ass and even though this was probably low budget he did an amazing job. This guy makes me so jealous. Check it out.

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