Thursday, 16 August 2012

Crooked I presents C.O.B. Cypher 2012

Man this is some crazy shit. I knew C.O.B took rap really seriously but this was some non stop real shit. I didn't really wanna say alot cuz stuff like this speaks for itself but there was some specific moments worth seeing since the video is long. The first sequence by the crew in blue was put together so sick with them passing back and forth between eachother. Every single one of them rips shit apart too. There was a couple emcees who I thought were weak links in the whole video but for the most part every one was beast. A couple stood out to me in particular. In the second sequence with the Microphone beat there is a white guy who looks like a total goof the whole time reppin shit in the back but at approximatley 5: 50 he jumps in and raps like a crazy mother fucker. Turns out his name is PWT. He was so into it and enthusiastic and it made him look pretty funny but he was still pretty crazy. Finally, the very last emcee, ONE-2, who appears at approximately 8: 32 fricken kills his verse and ends the whole video off sickk. Not puttin any lyrics down for this one, way too many dope parts. Check it out!

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