Thursday, 16 August 2012

"Creed of the Greedier" by La Coka Nostra

"It's the return of the assassin, I believe in the Creed of the Greedier/
Bash in your skull with guns, I'm deceiving the media/
Look at the web of lies that I keep weaving immediate/
Breathing the weed, speeding, I ain't hittin' medians either/"

This beat is fucking sick. This track is from the recently released, "Masters of the Dark Arts". It's the 3rd track I've heard from the album so far, and it's probably the best one. Slaine and Ill Bill both had sick verses, but this Danny Boy guy doesn't really fit in. That's just my opinion though. I was also thinking the scenes in between the fucked up "storyline" of the video looked exactly like the footage from another video they just released, "Mind Your Business". It just made the video seem less original. But anyways, check it out.

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