Friday, 3 August 2012

Epic Video Game Raps by Dan Bull

"In the name of the Nords, I pray to the Lords, you all get a taste of the blade of my sword/
I'm taking on hordes of enemies, I face them with hoards of weaponry/
They're draining my force so chemistry, comes into play with retorts and recipes/
Alchemixing like a DJ, restoration, restore my energy!"

"A bird of prey, with Terminator's murder rate, I'm serving plates/
Of pain up like a perverse buffet, take you to the Pearly Gates/
I'll impersonate a passerby, you wouldn't bat an eye/
Until your circulations pacified, so practiced I couldn't count the crimes I've perpetrated"

So this post may be a little bit out of the ordinary but we're about talent here at Eternal Cadence and this guy definitely has some. I myself enjoy video games and anyone else out there who is a gamer as well as a hip hop head should love this shit. This guy Dan Bull is a beast at lyrics and breaks down some of my favourite games like a seasoned rapper. Even the beats are crazy and originally made from music from the games. The Skyrim beat is particularly epic. This might not be some shit you'd bump on your Ipod but seeing how sick this guy is I figure if he gets enough support maybe one day he'll quit rappin about video games and maybe just start chasing the hip hop dream. Until then, these videos are hilarious if you know the games and he's sick at flowing and lyrics. Check em out!

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