Tuesday, 4 September 2012

"E.B.A.H." by Tech N9ne

"Liberate me lord, I'm an angel and on this wicked planet nobody understands my angle is love/
I was sent from above, but I've landed in blood/
Psycho bandit, I've become a frightful, damagin' skud"
So Tech's E.B.A.H is right around the corner and he's officially transformed into the Evil Brain Angel Heart Tech. It is a new kind of sound from Tech and I could see some not appreciating it. But I'm glad Tech has kept it fresh for so long, trying to bring new sounds and innovations instead of pumping out albums that sound the same. I have a bunch of Tech albums and each one has its own flavour that separates em from eachother. Anyways this song bangs, the beat is weird but really intense and has some killer drums. And of course Tech brings a lot of sick bars always switching up the flow like no one else. Check it out!

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