Monday, 10 September 2012

"Napalm" by Xzibit

"Homeland security, false insecurity/
Fuck your intentions and big plans for my community/
I ain't afraid to die, fuck you gon' do with that?/
I'm comin' to find you and whack you off the FUCKIN map!/"

This track was released last year on Travis Barker's mixtape, "Let the Drummer Get Wicked". I just heard it today, because I seen a link to the video. The beat produced by Travis Barker includes heavy guitar and very loud drums. I thought it was a great idea to get Xzibit over the beat, cuz he does have a powerful voice. The rhymes aren't that spectacular, but the energy in the song makes up for it. The chorus was kinda cool too. As it states at the beginning of the video, the footage was shot during Xzibit's tour in Iraq. Kinda gave the video a suitable environment to go along with the topic of the song. But I'll shut up. Go crank the volume and break your neck to this raw shit.

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