Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Bad Guy" by Horseshoe Gang

"No cape but I'm flying, ape and a giant, racing and climbing/
I'm hot, sizzlin', grillin', I'm baking, I'm frying/
Snatch the belt off the waist of Orion, and strangle you lying/
Rappers, your flow ain't new, your shit is ancient like Mayan/"

One of the best kept secrets in Hip-Hop is Crooked I's group of homies, Horseshoe Gang. We've featured a video of them before in the COB Cypher 2012 video. These guys are lyrical machines, as each of them maintain a consistent series of multisyllable lines and sick wordplay. I don't know much about these guys other than the fact that they kill pretty much everything I've heard them spit on. This track is from the EP they released yesterday entitled, "#TrueStory", which can be found here.

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