Friday, 7 September 2012

"Words" by Caskey

"I'm my own evidence, everybody wanna stay relevant, always gotta fuck, nobody remain celibate/
All about who white? who black? who is heaven sent? who the Devil advocate? well who the fuck intelligent?/
Cuz all I see is dumb ass hoe shit, they say we all sinners, I say no shit/
My mama been broke since like '06, but some name brand shit what I'mma go get/"
So I did not know who this guy was this morning but saw his videos getting advertised on worldstar so I checked him out. To be honest he was kinda lucky I saw this song first cuz some of the others I saw would've ruined it for me. I'm not gonna hate or nothing, some of his other stuff just wasn't my taste. However, this one song stuck out from the rest, he kicks up the flow, rhymes and actually brings up some cool ideas about how stupid all the bullshit is that people argue about. I saw some things on the internet about this guy signing with Cash Money Records, and I just hope he stays inspired with his music and real to his heart cuz this one was pretty sick.

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