Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Only Life I Know" by Brother Ali

"Get a little job or a shitty apartment/
Or a sub-prime mortgage in a failing house market/
After a life of dedication and hardship/
You die just as poor as you was when you started/"

Awww yeah. Today's a good day for this blog because we keep on finding more ill shit to share with you. Today I found another video from Brother Ali, and it's awesome. This track's from his album "Mourning in America and Dreaming in Colour", which comes out on the 18th of this month. So far all of the previews and solo tracks that have been released for this album have got me anxious to hear what the whole thing sounds like. This one visits different situations of life that people all around the world face. Outlining the bullshit within society these days, Brother Ali manages to turn painful situations into poetic lyrics on top of a feel-good beat. This shit's gonna be on my iPod fo sho.

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