Friday, 14 September 2012

"I'm Already Kreased" by Kutt Calhoun

"Since the beginning it's been dedicated hustle/
My loyalty ain't never been up for discussion/
But niggas lie, and bitches scheme/
That's why it's money over everything yadidamean?!/"

One of the members of Strange Music that I often overlook is Kutt Calhoun. I'm not sure why because I like his verses in a lot of collaborations with his label members, but I've never looked deep into his solo shit much. Today I found a song that was just released from his upcoming EP, "Kelvin", which drops on the 2nd of October. The sinister sounding beat along with Kutt's catchy chorus and "money over everything" attitude, make this track a good anthem for the independent hustlas lol. Check it out.

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