Tuesday, 11 September 2012

"Bitch Bad" by Lupe Fiasco

"Couple of things that's happening here, 
first he's relating the word bitch with his Momma, comma/
And because she's relating to herself as most important source of help and
mental health, he may skew respect for dishonour/"

The first time I heard this song, I had a hard time listening to it. Not because of the content or anything, simply because of the tone and choice of words Lupe was spittin'. It was until I seen the video that I realized how sick this song really is. The whole song is a deep analysis of the portrayal of women in urban media. The first verse covers how young men could perceive "bad bitches", the second how young women could perceive "bad bitches". The last verse kind of confused me because he said "bad" and "bitch" so much, and I kinda got lost in it the first few times listening to it. But it sums up to both male and female having different ideas of what qualities to look for in a person of the opposite gender. It was more focused on afro-american people, and I think Lupe was trying to point out how there's still forms of blackface stereotypes in modern day media. This is some deep shit, and the video's sick. Check it.

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