Wednesday, 12 September 2012

"Difficult" by Eminem

"This might sound a little strange but I'mma tell it, I found that jacket that you left at my wedding, I picked it up to smell it/
 I wrapped it up in plastic until I put it in glass and hung it up in my hallway so I can always look at it"
So when I was a little younger I was a huge fan of Eminem, I had all of his cds and diss tracks, even his stuff from Infinite and I was sure I'd almost heard every Eminem song there ever was. But the other day a friend showed me this song and I was like what the hell is this, I've never heard it. It's a couple years old now but this song is a tribute to Proof and it's pretty heavy. After some searching around there's a little speculation whether Eminem ever actually wanted to release this track because it was leaked. And as you can tell its sort of an uncomplete song with weird sound effects and a kind of raw skeletal feeling. But I've heard the song "You're Never Over" from Recovery which is also a tribute to Proof and the songs are like night and day. "You're Never Over" was a great song but this one had so much more pain and emotion in it and really felt like Em just using the mic for therapy to ease his own soul. The reason I shared this was more for how passionate it was but even on a hip hop level Em still keeps the rhymes tight and the beat has a simple, chilling feeling. Check it out, and R.I.P in Big Proof.

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