Friday, 14 September 2012

"I Ain't Wired Right" by Twista

"Better be scared of my legacy, homie, you won't diminish mine/
Finna curse, win with a verse, like a nigga first to cross the finish line/
Who woulda ever thought a nigga in the game 20 years would still be in his prime?/
I eat up that new motherfucker you finna sign/"

This video's fuckin jokes. I was expecting Bob to pop out and make an AK47 with Glitch to murk the fuck outta Megabyte (if you didn't watch Reboot as a kid, your parents hated you). But yea. This not-so-futuristic music video wasn't why I shared this. Usually, I'm not a huge fan of Twista, but I really liked this track right here. He switched up the flows sick and had a bunch of nice rhymes that I was feeling. The chorus was kinda clever as well to go along with the title of the song. The beat's fuckin sick as well. The track's from Twista & Don Cannon's recently released mixtape, "Reloaded".

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