Friday, 7 September 2012

"What They Don't Know" by DMX

"That's yo man faggot! He know, go hard and get down/
Whenever dog hit town, I shut shit down/
If I want it now, I see it, Imma take it/
And you better hope I don't want it all, cuz I'll leave you naked/"

X is back mothafuckas! First Method Man releases a track to remind us he isn't fallin off, now DMX has proved the same. I haven't heard something this good from DMX in a while. Usually he seems cracked out and washed up lol. But the combination of his attitude in this track, along with the Swizz Beatz production, duplicates that classic sound we all know from X. This track's from DMX's upcoming album, "Undisputed", which releases on September 11, 2012. This one track's just another hype anthem to lose your shit to! Below, I'll post some other leaks from the album that I thought were dope. Anyways, Open ya Earz!

other tracks from "Undisputed"

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