Tuesday, 18 September 2012

"Won More Hit" by Brother Ali

"Sing when you're worshippin', sing when you're workin' and/
See if you can sing yourself outta that hurt you're in/
Please, oh please, give me just one more hit/
Make it extra special, and you might not get the whip/"

I don't know about the rest of this crazy world. But all week I've been itchin' for today to come. And it's only Tuesday. Today was the release of Brother Ali's latest album, "Mourning in America and Dreaming in Colour", so it was only right that I went and bought the ONLY copy from my local CD store. All of the songs off the album are worth sharing. He kills all the verses, and the Jake One production is sooo fucking sick. It's a crazy album, so imma share one track with you to show you what I mean. This one's about the relationship between entertainment and the people oppressed through slavery to bring this entertainment to powerful people. History class in the poetic words of a legendary emcee. This is that real hip-hop yall!
For previews, or to purchase this album, click HERE.

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