Thursday, 6 September 2012

"Questions" Throwback by Tech N9ne & Rittz

"Can you wait a minute? Can you slow it up a little bit Nina so I can get up in it?/
But did you really wanna dabble in fanatical, supernatural, lyrically radical mili-minutes, I'm about to begin it/
Can I get some? Can I spit some? Which one? When am I gonna get off this trip?/
Can I take another pill, why do I feel, like I'm a sick individual in the room poppin' off at the lip"
So I was actually listening to this song this morning and then saw on Facebook that Rittz did a remix of this song after Tech asked what was the first Tech N9ne song you remember hearing. This song is pretty old but it's some really on point flowing and rhyming from Tech for the time he released this. I believe it's on the album Calm Before The Storm. Anyways, after I saw how sick Rittz was killin this old school beat I thought it'd just be sick to give the Tech throwback as well. 

"I really thought you was black when I heard you on Box Chevy, really I never checked on it to see who you was/
I see you on tour with Wolf now, you think you could sign this, you think that we could sneak on the bus?/
Can I bust a freestyle for you, me and you are just alike, listen to me I rap fast like you/
Me and my homeboy, cuz I produce beats and I think that you would like some of the tracks we do"
Rittz is rolling with Strange Music now and I think the label fits him like a glove. Ever since I first heard Rittz I been loving his music. I can't wait for his first album off Strange that I can actually buy just to support him cuz White Jesus Revival was really sick. It's great seeing him get to kill a really old Tech N9ne beat right in front of Tech N9ne loving it himself.

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