Thursday, 20 September 2012

"Paradise" by Rittz ft. Nikkiya

"Everything's starting to make sense, I wish that I could shake the hand/
Of every fan whoever bought my shit and showed love, truly thanks again/
Cuz this must be paradise."
Paradise. The place we all wish to visit, or occupy one day. That was the case for Rittz at least, and this song right here is an anthem to the long-awaited success he's been feeling lately. As the newest member of Tech N9ne's Strange Music empire, it's only right that Rittz would decide to make a video for such a song. I was kinda disappointed with the video though. It's pretty boring and doesn't really reflect the song itself. Unless his idea ofdope. paradise is riding around in his car all day in a mainly rural community. Maybe that's the case, but I feel like this song deserves a better video. Check it anyways cuz the song's dope.

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