Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Rap Is Outta Control Freestyle by Ransom

"This money's makin me devilish, you can tell that I live this/
Since money's the root of evil, I went through hell to get it/
I swear it smells exquisite/
Revenge is served cold because my cell was frigid, got no mail and visits/"

The other night on Twitter, Vinnie Paz had a Q&A with his fans to celebrate his latest release. One of the fans asked him if there's any artists he'd like to work with, and he named Ransom. If you listen to this freestyle, you begin to understand why. They both have the talent to compile multi-syllable rhymes and they both like to vividly paint you a chaotic picture through their lyrics. Ransom's definitely underrated cuz he's got bars for days. Check it.

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