Tuesday, 1 October 2013

"Don't Call Me" by Rakim & DMX

"I idolize my father, he taught me to survive the horror/
cuz times is harder, the skies is darker/
look through the eyes of a snake, see inside the monster, to rise need to divide and conquer/
if it's all about money I don't respect your power, that's weak/
they deprive and devour, they cowards you ask me/"
Awww yeaa. I thought this was such a sick conglomeration of a lot of elements. You got Rakim bringing his legendary lyrical skills and wisdom, DMX bringing his raw energy, and a woman with a hot voice bringing in the hook. I wish it said her name so I wouldn't have to call her "woman." Anyways, the beat was crazy too bringing in that guitar solo. DMX looked a little goofy screaming and grabbing his head during it but it was still epic. I really liked the all around feel of the video too, with close ups on the guitar and just showin em in the studio. Some real hip-hop shit. Check it out.

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