Thursday, 17 October 2013

"Tie Breaker" by Naturally Born Strangers [Rich Kidd, Adam Bomb & Tona]

"Painting of her idol on her bedroom wall/
Got her thinkin' bout her nephew Paul/
His health problems, a scholarship to college she could get through ball/
But coach says she's just too small/"

Awww yeah. Some dope Canadian shit right here. Rich Kidd, Tona & Adam Bomb are three emcees from Toronto who've joined forces to create "Naturally Born Strangers". They're collaborating to make a self-titled project which will be released on October 30. Not sure if this is from the project, but I thought the Rich Kidd production was sick, and the verses had some cool storytelling going on. Adam Bomb is such a good writer. Check it.

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