Tuesday, 3 September 2013

"Seen Some Things" by Caskey ft. Rittz

"So sick of feeling disconnected/
Every day I wake up pissed, feeling misdirected/
You ever been lost like you didn't know the reason you was still here/
And you getting flashbacks in the wheelchair/"

I originally checked this track out to hear Rittz' verse, but I was feelin' Caskey's parts as well. I ended up checkin' his "Transient Classics" mixtape, and a few songs aren't really the kind of rap music I'm into, but there's a few songs I like. Regardless of it all, he's got some dope lyrics and his flow's nice. I'm just not a fan of some of the clubbish beats which kinda ruin certain songs for me. But you can click here to download the mixtape to listen for yourself since my opinion doesn't mean shit lol.

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