Tuesday, 26 March 2013

"6AM" by Papoose ft. Jadakiss & Jim Jones

"All the basketball tournaments was cool to watch/
Bet ya money lose a little or lose a lot/
They beat us by one point, yea them dudes was sharp/
But I'm a sore loser so I had to shoot up the park/"

Awww shit. This track's like a gathering of all of my favourite emcees from back in Grade 8. Papoose released his newest album today, "The Nacirema Dream", which I've been eager for a while to hear. All of his freestyles and radio interviews n shit formed my hype for this album. Pap is one crazy mother fucker. I like this track just because it brings back that whole feel from the D-Block, Dipset, DJ Kay Slay mixtape era. Back when listenin' to shit that didn't even relate to you defined who you were haha. Check it.

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