Tuesday, 12 March 2013

"Get Up, Stand Up" by Public Enemy ft. Brother Ali

"How much compromise is tied to that fame?/
 How many more times we gotta hear that lame line, "I'm inspiring em."
To do what? Roll better weed and get higher than em?/
Feed the needy, greedy ass buyer in em? Be the same damn dog with the finer women?"
This is pretty damn G. I'm loving the old school, don't give a damn vibe coming from this track. Public Enemy still bringing the revolution and having Brother Ali come in to take the lyrics up a notch was sick. All in all I just shared this for the raw feeling it had that used to be a lot more prevalent in hip hop. Ya know, guys just rapping right at you about the problems they see, not givin a FUCK if the girls can dance to it and if the guys can get their swag on. GET UP, STAND UP!

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