Wednesday, 16 May 2012

"Badman" by Vado

"I kid y'all not, I'm ready to win/
They lettin' me in, I'm startin' to feel like Jeremy Lin/
Reintroduced to dudes, like y'all don't remember me then?/
Ahead of me when? I smile with a felony grin/"

Last month, Vado and Cam'ron released a mixtape entitled #UnLostFiles. I just downloaded the mixtape yesterday, and I'll admit a few of the songs are kinda corny. But the good songs on this project are actually really sick. This one's called "Badman", a solo track from Vado. I really like how the producer of this instrumental included the sample of the woman singing, it added a cool jazzy sound to the hard rap beat. As always, Vado kills the rhymes and presents a sound reminiscent of the original Dipset vibe. Anyways, check this shit out!

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