Saturday, 5 May 2012

"Music is For Love" by The Get By

"Yea, you feel me yo? It's unmistakeable/
Playin' in the minor leagues, hopin' that I make the pros/
Still consumed by the dreams that I'm chasin' yo/
Music means nothin' unless the shit's relate-able/"

Good afternoon y'all! It's a gorgeous day here in Kitchener, Ontario with the sun shining and the warm air bringing us a touch of summer. To compliment the beautiful day in my city, I'd like to share some beautiful music from my city. This track right here is called "Music is For Love" by The Get By, one of the few local acts that I'm proud to support. The feel good vibe of the beat mixed in with the solid lyrics and catchy chorus makes this track perfect for cruisin' around on a sunny day. This cut is from their debut album, "Let Go" which can be purchased on iTunes. Like the homie Jesse would say. Don't support local music, support good local music. Open ya Earz!

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