Saturday, 5 May 2012

"On My Way" by Chamillionaire [Ammunition EP]

"It must be something that's in Mascatto, that make a model say that she'll swallow/
On the way, and all I can say is I'm there before you done with the bottle/
Shift the gear then I hit the throttle, I swerved so much that I missed a pothole/
On the way, it's your lucky day, I'm bout ta make you feel like you hit the lotto/"

Last year I bought Chamillionaires album, "Ultimate Victory" at a local CD store for dirt cheap. Ever since that day I've been a fan of Cham's music. He just released a 9 track project this past March entitled "Ammunition", and it has some pretty tight songs on it. This video is a lyric/graphic compilation released on Chamillionaire's official YouTube page, featuring a track called "On My Way". This dedication to all the fine ladies out there has a relaxing beat and plenty of well arranged rhymes. Open ya Earz!

Check out the rest of the Ammunition EP below!

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