Friday, 18 May 2012

"I Hate You" by Kendrick Lamar

"I was born to be a killjoy, I'm an old brat, conceived by Adam & Eve so who you mad at?/
Not me, see me, I'm just doing my job, and you ducking me is most def an odd/
So why send this letter as if I never knew you?/
 I'd rather knock on your door and just give it to you/"

So I know people been starting to feel Kendrick Lamar more and more in the game. I honestly haven't been a huge fan of his stuff but I completely support what he does. A lot of his songs are pretty real even if sometimes he doesn't tear the lyrics apart. A lot of artists from Game to Tech N9ne have collabed with him too so people know he's real. I found this song through a friend and he thought it was about drugs. Well it is actually Kendrick Lamar writing to Death and then Death says something back. It is interesting how a song can be interpreted differently depending on the person though so I don' think his mistake is a big deal. But this song is 100% an argument with Death. Check it out.

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