Friday, 11 May 2012

"Spaz" by Krizz Kaliko ft. Tech N9ne

"NINA, he put me on just a minute ago/
MTV all off in the video GENIUS, okay, AWWW I said it again if you didn't know/
B-B-B-Babblin badder than half of you rappers, I spit like a javelin/
Trappin and traffic in patterns, you niggas Earthly and I'm up on Saturn/" 

I know,  I know it's Kaliko agaainnn. *Sigh*. It's too bad the shit's too fuckin crazy to be mad he's dropped like 10 songs or some shit from his album this month. I'm not gonna say alot, I thought the beat was crazy, the video was entertaining and funny and those glasses Tech is rockin' are pretty jokes. Kaliko kills it and I love the feel of the chorus. And although I thought Tech's verse was a little weird and intense, whether you like it or not, Tech can rap on a beat like fuckin mathematics. I could have never done what he did on this beat and made it sound as sick as he did. His tongue is like a machine or some shit. Anyways, check it out! SPAZ, SPAZ, SPAZ!

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