Thursday, 17 May 2012

"Run With Me" by Classified

"I'll calm your nerves like Lorazepam, magic man, mesmerizing like my lava lamp/
But I can snap like elastic bands, and I can be a real prick like a cactus plant/
Now bring it back again, I got you flockin' like the Vatican/
Pack in em', turn the music up and let me rattle em'!/"

So K Brenton and I are huge fans of Classified but he's one of those guys were so used to bumpin', sometimes we neglect him on the blog a little. So I think every song on Handshakes and Middle Fingers is crazy and a lot of the songs are some real shit. In my opinon though this song is the sickest just talking strictly lyrics. The rhymes and punches are non-stop. In the first verse, so many damn rhymes for "had a chance." There is an actual video for this song that Classified made by walking around a lumber yard or some shit but he didn't include the third verse and I wasn't satisfied enough so here is the full track. A lot of people out there are sleeping on Classified and in my opinion he is the sickest independant emcee coming out of Canada period. Check it out!

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