Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"Play for Keeps" by B.o.B.

"I'm so Grand Hustle, you ain't even in my league sir, Whats up with these nerds?/
They be out here getting their salads tossed, getting their leaves turned/
The game just ain't what it used to be, the quality is blurred/
But a dying breed survived, and a dynasty emerged/"

To start this week off, B.o.B. decided to drop a video for one of his tracks from his recently released album, Strange Clouds. B.o.B. has a weird standing in my list of favoured artists. Sometimes he can sound exactly like what I hate about rap music. Commercially influenced and reppin' materialistic bullshit. Sometimes his tracks are real as fuck and cover issues that matter. And as he is in this track, sometimes he can just be a mix of the two. That's why it's easier for me to accept his bullshit... because I know he's not 100% faggot, and he's got some normal human qualities that reflect in his music haha. In this track, "Play for Keeps", B.o.B. demonstrates some pretty good rhymes and a cool beat that suits the visual representation of the lavish lifestyle he's worked so hard to reach. It helps get the point across that when you play for keeps and take no breaks, consistently working hard.. you too can accomplish what him and so many other people have. Open ya Earz!

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