Friday, 25 May 2012

"Willing A Destruction Onto Humanity" by Jedi Mind Tricks

"Chase you down the staircase, pop you in the lobby/
Feed you hot slugs, each shot is a hot tamale/
The spot where we put the bodies is hot as the mojave/
Probably time to find a new hobby/"

This song has the most irrelevant title of any song I know of. They don't discuss anything regarding what the title states, and those words are not found in the song lyrics once. But it's one of my favourite songs. Definitely one of the best from their latest release, "Violence Begets Violence". In my opinion, Jus Allah murders this one. The dude's improved a lot since his older work with Vinnie. Rhyming skills are just off the chain. The beat to this song has a cool feel as well, making this track overall dope. Open ya Earz!

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