Monday, 21 May 2012

"This Chick is Incredible Freestyle" by Snow Tha Product

"I hella been, a veteran, anyone in front of me is someone that I'm definitely better than/
Never been, scary and I never been delicate, I stomp grounds like an elephant/
Better get better and better cuz fuckin' with me then I plan on severin'/
Every single part you ever connected with, I am the truth and you are not relevant/"

So I am personally a fan of Snow Tha Product all the way. It's just like she says, she is a beauty and a beast. She is crazy at choppin' and actually a sick lyricist. It feels cool supporting female emcees too cuz I know they have a way harder time getting accepted. This is just a quick verse I heard by her that she fuckin murdered. Fuck Nicki Minaj & Kreayshawn, this is a real hip-hop lady. I also just love watching Snow's videos cuz, like common fellas haha. She'd be making my head turn before I even knew she was an awesome emcee. I posted another hot verse from her on the blog earlier too if you're interested. Check it out!

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