Thursday, 17 May 2012

"Black Cloud" by Joe Budden

"Without a paddle up shit's creek, dig deep and see it ain't life it's just me/
So be warned, as I'm puttin on like I'm deformed, only so y'all can accept it as being my norm/
Maybe I quit working on me, maybe I've given up/
Maybe I been lying to myself, maybe I give a FUCK!/"

Slaughterhouse has finally been making a name for themselves recently since Eminem hooked them up. But I kind of haven't been listening to their music as much since. Slaughterhouse is an awesome group, but they're all talented in different ways and sometimes their individualism doesn't come out when they work together. My personal favourite member of Slaughterhouse is Joe Budden. His lyrics don't get as crazy with the rhymes as his bud Crooked I can, but me and Brenton always talk about Budden's quotables. He can sum up something about life so well in one bar sometimes, that you just want everyone to know that one little quote. Budden might also appear the most depressed from Slaughterhouse, but it's cuz of this that his music is so real. This is my all time favourite track from Mood Muzik 4 cuz just like he says, "people say I'm emo, what that really mean though, is though the song can't breathe I actually make it seem so."

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