Friday, 4 May 2012

"Memory Lane" by Elzhi

"I ain't wanna leave, without hittin' my first blunt filled with chronic leaves/
I choked up and couldn't breathe/
That's the day I missed class, smelling like twist grass/
Ms. Nash kicked me out because I'm not a kiss ass/"

About a year ago, Elzhi released a remade version of Nas' album, "Illmatic". He named his version "Elmatic" and had the beats produced with live instruments by Will Sessions. I downloaded the tape first when it came out, but I hadn't noticed this video until today. It's El's version of "Memory Lane", and the track takes you on a journey through his past experiences in the Detroit hip-hop scene. You may see a few familiar faces within the retro footage that was included in the video. Open ya Earz!

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