Saturday, 5 May 2012

"Can't Trust Em" by Dizzy Wright

"Hold up did a nigga just swag like that?/
Hat to the back, Gucci backpack, spittin' crack on you little niggas, spittin' facts like that/
Comin' out the Veg with a rap like that (he cold!), he cold nigga that's a fact/
Tryin' to get me a platinum plaque, kill this shit A$AP the track hoe/"

This video was released a little while ago bruh, and I forgot about it but I thought it’d be cool for the blog. This video is actually pretty hilarious bruh. Besides the obvious humour in the video, the beat is banging and Dizzy Wright kills it. Funk Volume’s on fire this year with their hot music but I love these goofy videos they make to be funny. Check it out bruh. “You can’t trust these niggas man!"

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