Monday, 7 May 2012

"5 Fingers of Death Freestyle" by Papoose [Shade 45]

"Pinnacle, definitely, own so much jewels in my memorable memory/
It's like I'm a physical treachery, ???? weaponry/
Psychotic niggas who envy me wanna be nuts, I bust nuts like my gentials, sexually/
Punished in my mothers stomach by swimming through Hennessey/
I was born with a difficult destiny, not your typical, mentally/"

As a youngin', my favourite rap artists were all about that gangster shit. My iPod was full of tracks by The Game, G-Unit, D-Block, Dipset, etc. Although there was little that these artists/groups said that I could relate to, I love how hard the beats were and the lyricism involved with the music they made. But over years a lot of these artists kinda fell off in my opinion, and either started havin' shitty lyrics, or just makin' shitty songs. Maybe I just grew outta listening to that form of rap. Papoose was one of the artists that I used to love listening to growing up. He was easily one of the illest emcees in the game at the time, in my opinion. So this morning when I was browsing sites, I found a freestyle by Pap from the Sway in the Morning radio show. It's crazy. The DJ goes through 5 different beats and Papoose rips through all of em with no remorse. My favourite part is when he starts choppin' quick lyrics at around 2:10 in the video. Being an upcoming emcee, I know how difficult it can be to spit out a verse this quick in one take. But he managed to do it without any flaws, and not to mention some craaaaazy rhymes. I'll shut up and let you check it for yourself though. Sorry bout the missing part in the lyrics. Couldn't figure out what he said lol. Open ya Earz muhfuckas!

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