Friday, 25 May 2012

"Step Yo Game Up" by Chali 2na

"The day that this rap became a weapon/
Is the day that I was told to adapt to gain acceptance/
The poorest people make scratch by any method/
If he desperate, he gon' pull out the strap to send a message/"

Prepare to witness one of the greatest emcees to ever spit on the mic. Chali 2na is one of the founding members of legendary hip-hop crew, Jurassic 5. In my opinion, he's definitely the best part of every Jurassic 5 song that I've ever heard. Last year I found a mixtape by him, Fish Market Pt. 2, and didn't hesitate to purchase it. I'm glad I made the choice because that shit is fire! This track right here is probably the best produced track on the album, and has a killer set of lyrics to go along with it. The video's cool too, and hopefully if you were unaware of how dope this guy is, this video will help you realize!

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