Wednesday, 30 May 2012

"Hate" by Prozak

"Mother Earth is ready to shake us off from the fault lines/
We gotta look into ourselves, see where the fault lies/
We gotta try to stick together in these dark times/
Ancient revelations come to light inside these dark rhymes/"
Brenton and I have had alot of mixed feelings about Prozak's recent music. However, I haven't been finding anything worth posting on here for days but this was something that finally caught my eye. His delivery in the verses didn't impress me a ton but I really liked the message he tried to convey through his video, especially the comparisons created through the character playing the piano transforming in the background. A comment on the youtube page for this video spelled it out in a way I thought was sick. "Religious supremacy, racism, terrorism, set trippin..... all forms of hatred." I also thought the beat was fricken cool and had me actually bobbing around and feeling evil just like the piano player is doing. Check it out!

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