Tuesday, 22 May 2012

"Bounce [Funk Remix]" by Chris Webby ft. SwizZz & Dizzy Wright

"Who am I? They know me as C W/
Hole in my rubber, you about to see me comin' through/
Chris Rios, always runnin' with a Pun or two/
Ask the Birdman, I'm the number one stunna dude!/"

Never heard of this dude Chris Webby, but I was impressed at his flow and rhyming skills. He invited the two Funk Volume members that wouldn't absolutely murder him on his own shit to join him on this remix to his track, "Bounce". It's got a really catchy beat that actually makes you wanna do what the title says. I was surprised at SwizZz's verse the most, and now I'm wondering why he doesn't just rap this sick on his own tracks as much. Anyways, I've blogged a shitload this morning and I'm kinda losing my descriptive ability for the day so I'll shut up and let y'all listen! Open ya Earz!

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