Saturday, 26 May 2012

"Pictures of You" by Wax

"Oops, all over your chest/
But when I open up my eyes, It's all over my computer desk/
Go to sleep, no shame, no sorrow/
And I ain't gotta take your ass to breakfast tomorrow/"

You gotta love the sense of humour that Wax reflects in his music. From falling in love to the cashier of his medicinal dispensary, to masturbating to his female Facebook friends' pictures, Wax demonstrates just how creative he really is. This track, "Pictures of You" is the one about creepily jerking off. It's pretty hillarious. He murks the beat provided by 3 of his buddies who perform the instrumental live. They gotta guitar, Maschine drums, piano bass, and some fucked up synth board that I'm still unsure of. This is a display of crazy talent from each person in the video and is really entertaining. Open ya Earz!

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