Friday, 18 May 2012

"Thangs On Deck" by Jadakiss ft. Swerv

"Catch me over the stove, I work the glass/
I don't care about ya name nigga, first or last/
I'm just here to damage your future and hurt ya past/
You just better pray, and hope that the nurse is fast/"

Yessss. Now this is the kinda shit I remember lovin' from Jadakiss. It's got that hard beat that reminds me of some shit D-Block woulda murdered back in the day. For this track off of "The Consignment" mixtape, Kiss featured this dude Swerv, who I've never heard of before. He actually kills his verse, and probably even had better rhymes than Jadakiss himself. They both had pretty sick verses though. Like I always say. If I'm gonna listen to that hard, gangsta music, best believe it's gonna have sick rhymes in there. Even if the title of the song is corny as fuck. I ain't listenin' to shit I can't relate to if it's got bullshit rhymes. It takes over a minute for the song to kick in, so be patient.

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