Friday, 4 May 2012

"The End" by Young Noble ft. Hopsin & Lowkey

"I got a harsh life, and now I live on the dark side/
staring in the past just wondering how my heart died/
my mental state moves at a simple rate/
I pour my life out through this pencil and scribble until the pencil breaks/"

So Brenton showed me this a little while ago and I remembered it instantly stuck in my mind. To be honest the big highlight for me is Hopsin dropping his verse but the whole song is sick. All of their lyrics are really on point and I love the beat’s spacey feel. Kind of shit that makes me feel like my mind is connected to everything in the universe. On another note, we were surprised to see Young Noble, who is one of 2Pac’s old boys, collabing with Hopsin and Lowkey. It’s sick to see MC’s from three completely different worlds, from three different career points, getting together just to make some real hip-hop. Just like Young Noble says in his verse, “From sunny California to the bricks of London, nigga everybody strugglin’, everybody hustlin’.” Check it out

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