Friday, 25 May 2012

"The Noose" by Tech N9ne ft. Mayday

"When I see how my loves ones have left, I wonder how long I would fight/
I wonder if I would give in or let the reaper lead me into night/
See I got too much pride left, like my grandmother that died too early/
Reaching for moments more but instead the cancer in her lungs took her from me"

So this song isn't brand new, it's from Tech's collabo cd Welcome to Strangeland which came out in the last year. However, this video is brand new so I thought I'd share it with you guys. This song was probably one of the realest tracks on the cd and it was one of the first times I heard Mayday. Now I won't go in detail about how this song is for the troops and stuff cuz Tech pretty much explains all that. But if you dig Mayday's part in this song I would advise you to check more of their songs and videos which we have posted on the blog in the past. They are an extremely talented and diverse band that I feel anyone could vibe to. Check em out!

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