Friday, 4 May 2012

"So Hard To Breathe" by B.o.B

"Time flies I guess that's why I'm bugging/
Just yesterday I was rapping with my brother and my cousin/
If you had the stove or toaster on you couldn't use the oven/
We knew that we were struggling, we just acted like we wasn't"

So I’m pretty sure we all know who B.o.B is so I won’t waste any time talking about that but me and Brenton thought this recent song by him was sick. Honestly I found the video a little weird, I get the sinking reference but it’s a little strange to watch. Anyways, the song tells a good message about how the music industry really works despite what people believe. I’m glad B.o.B has made it into the mainstream scene and still kept true to hip-hop. Check it out!

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