Monday, 21 May 2012

"Outside" by Asher Roth

"Relaxing underneath the sky so blue, when the sun's so warm there's so much I wanna do/
But locked in a studio while outside it's beautiful, all the fresh air you can't get inside a cubicle/
Turn off the computer yo, use your own noodle bro/
We can do whatever we want, it's up to you to know"

Man, it's a beautiful day and Asher Roth just released this new song and I thought it was so chillin' and real. He mentions a lot of things I love to bitch at people about often. I cant lie and say I don`t spend a lot of time on my computer, you`re only hearing this song cuz I do. But I seriously agree with a lot of what he says in this song. He makes a lot of connections about how we should be living  more natural with the Earth and just enjoying ourselves. Check it out, I think I'm gonna go outside.

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