Thursday, 15 March 2012

Hop Madness by Hopsin

Helllllll yea! I've been waiting for this for a while now! Finally, the first single off of Hopsin's upcoming, "Knock Madness" has been released! It definitely wasn't what I was expecting, but it's fucking dope. The idea for the video is cool and the idea for the Hop Madness theme park ride is hillarious. There's also a scene that sorta takes a shot at The Game. Hopsin is seen mocking Game's image in the Martians Vs. Goblins music video. I know there was some controversy regarding similarities between the videos for Martians Vs. Goblins and Hopsin's "Lucifer Effect". I just remember reading comments on Hip Hop websites of people who thought that the video by Game and Tyler was a way of gaining revenge for Hopsin's antics in the Ill Mind of Hopsin 4 video. I honestly don't think that The Game's video was directed at Hopsin. But who knows, maybe the video was meant to stir up some shit, or maybe Hopsin just saw it as an artist with a stronger following trying to adopt his contact idea. This could be interesting though because both Hopsin and The Game are known for speakin' the names of other artists. Could this be the rebirth of good, old-fashioned hip-hop beef? What do you think? 
Open ya Earz!

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