Sunday, 4 March 2012

Old School Sundays: Infinite by Eminem

To get this "Old School Sundays" edition poppin' off, I figured there's no better way to introduce it than sharing this song. This could possibly be my favourite multi-syllable-based rap track ever. The way Eminem used to assemble his rhymes is unreal. This is from his first album, Infinite, which was released in 1996. I read in a book I have that Eminem doesn't like to consider this his first album, because he made it at a point in his life where he was trying to find his niche in the rap game. Which is funny to me because this album is probably his best display of lyrical skill, in my opinion. At the same time I agree with him to an extent just because the next 3 albums following this one displayed a whole different level of entertainment. Regardless, I still love this gritty old school feel. Open ya Earz!

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